The story continues

(3) Email Exchanges with Dr. Rookie

Early June from Dr. Rookie to me:

Dear “Patient”–

MRI brain and Cervical spine both look normal, which is good. Your lab work still shows a positive ANA but with a weak titer. I think given that we should try to treat the headache and see if your symptoms improve.

Lets try two things, I will send both to your pharmacy today.

1. Take naproxen 500 mg each morning and evening for two weeks, then as needed when you have a headache (up to once a day)

2. Take nortriptyline at night before bed. Start at 10 mg and increase dose each week to a goal of 40 mg. Side effects with this one are sleepiness, confusion, dry mouth, trouble urinating – if you have these decrease the dose and we will try to go up more slowly). 

Let me know if things are getting significantly better or worse. 

My Email Reply:

Dear Dr. “Rookie”–

My balance is better. My face numbness/ tingling is better too.

My head still feels funny, like pressure on the right side.

Still hard are everyday tasks: reading/ following directions, filing, writing

I sleep between 10-12 hours a day (all night 8 hours plus one or two naps).

I am taking the naproxen. I have not tried nortriptyline per psychiatrist rec. She did suggest taking Vyvanse, which I have not been taking since sick in March.

I took a 10 mg Vyvanse last week. It made me very imbalanced and strange, almost like all of balance problems came back.

I’d to be tested for autoimmune encephalitis. I have a history of anxiety with OCD. It is “managed” but always present. I am on every single psychiatric med that my son was on before he was diagnosed with PANDAS. He was finally tested after making good grades and then failing every class in a single semester. If I were in school right now, I’d fail too.

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