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(13) Dr. Rookie, Friend or Foe?

Dr. Rookie’s assertion that my physical aliments are simply mental and emotional ones hurts. Deeply.  At this point, I do not think it is wise to continue being his patient. But what if he changes his mind about me?  What if he changes his mind about PANDAS?  What if he changes his mind about the Cunningham Panel?  You see, I don’t want Dr. Rookie to excoriated by his peers or his employer for any mistakes he’s made. I want him to become one of the best doctors to diagnose and treat autoimmune encephalitis, especially the kind that may ruin your life but not put you in a coma.

I call him “Dr. Rookie”  because that is what he is in this stage of his professional development.  It is not meant to be derogatory.   We are all rookies, in some way, in the beginning of our occupational or professional lives.  And we are all rookies — about something- at any given point in our lives.   I watched a Formula One race on TV for the first time the other day.  I loved it.  I am a rookie F1 fan.

Here’s what I tell myself and what I would tell Dr. Rookie:   Don’t settle for being an expert.  Always be a learner, too.  Knowledge, skills and experience must go hand-in-hand with a humble willingness to discover information that you may not have known before.  

I have found this to be an important truth as a parent.  I have to listen to my kids.  I have to learn from them.  They have a lot of information I need that makes me a better parent.


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