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(7) Reaching out to my PCP

I really like my primary care physician (PCP), Dr. Hashi.  I felt like it was important to bring her in the loop about my visit/ subsequent correspondence  with Dr. Rookie about the neurological symptoms I’d suffered after the flu.  I wanted to let her know about the results of the Cunningham Panel. She’s the mom of a young child;  I assume she’s heard of PANDAS and would be interested.

Also, it cannot be overstated that I felt bad.  I felt sick.  What I hoped to achieve in the visit with my PCP was help in finding out what underlying infections were making me sick.

Dr. Hashi was booked solid for the week.   The following week she was out on vacation.  I opted to see another physician in the office.  I thought  it would be good to garner another doctor’s expertise and tacit knowledge.  I thought that “stacking my care team” with the highly qualified professionals would lead to the best care and the best outcomes.

In this blog post,  I could attempt to recreate the conversations, emails and medical records that passed back and forth between several physicians and myself as I tried to bring my PCPs “on board” with me in figuring out my PANDAS mystery.  It’s not worth the effort.  Let’s just say that in all that transpired, I was very successful in sealing my fate as a “crazy woman” in their minds.








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