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(16) Waiting for LP results . . .


I had a lumbar puncture on Friday. (I’ve had mani-pedi’s that were far more painful.)  The doctor who ordered the LP  thinks my symptoms are psychological.  In other words, he believes I think myself sick because of OCD.  A different doctor, the one who performed the lumber puncture,  proved to be more curious.  He took real interest when I shared with him that I hear a swishing sound when I move my eyes.  He asked me if I heard my heart beat in my ears.  “Yes, when I am lying down.”  Doesn’t everybody?  He thinks the idea of SCDS should be pursued (Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome).

Meanwhile, I am waiting for the outcomes of the lumbar puncture.  Will it show any evidence of autoimmune encephalitis?  Will the fact that I have been on antibiotics for two weeks alter the results?  If I do have SCDS, it there a connection to this condition and brain inflammation or tick borne illnesses?  I received partial results from the blood work ordered by Super Amy.  Evidence of tick-borne illness is evident, but I will have a phone consult to understand the results more fully.

Meanwhile, I am waiting.  I still feel weird in my head (along with the swishing sounds) and imbalanced.  What does one do in such a place?  For me– I cope by cleaning and creative endeavors.



Scrubbing . . .


Sewing. . .



And starting a blog about our family life– before PANDAS –as tiny house dwellers in San Francisco.



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