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(24) Managing Medications

My executive function is a mess right now.  Organizing thoughts, actions and objects creates a great deal of anxiety for me.  One of the biggest challenges with a chronic condition and  a reduced mental capacity is managing all of the medications.  Some where in my past, I figured […]

(20) About that Lumbar Puncture. . .

I spoke on the phone earlier this week with Super Amy to learn about the infections (namely,  lyme disease) that appear to be the underlying cause of my PANDAS symptoms.  Yesterday, Dr. Rookie sent me the official email stating that my lumbar puncture (LP) results were completely normal […]

(19) About that asterisk* . . .

Lyme, which is the underlying infection causing my PANDAS,  has an asterisk.  No, there is not  “really” an asterisk beside the word, “lyme,” in medical literature, test results, and so forth.  But the asterisk exists in the minds of the medical establishment (i.e. the CDC, NIH, AMA, etc.) […]