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(17) Still waiting

It’s been over a week since I’ve had the lumbar puncture.  I am  waiting to hear back from the doctor to understand the outcomes of the tests.  I am also waiting to learn more about the infections that inform my PANDAS diagnosis. So much for my sewing as […]

(16) Waiting for LP results . . .

  I had a lumbar puncture on Friday. (I’ve had mani-pedi’s that were far more painful.)  The doctor who ordered the LP  thinks my symptoms are psychological.  In other words, he believes I think myself sick because of OCD.  A different doctor, the one who performed the lumber puncture,  proved to […]

(13) Dr. Rookie, Friend or Foe?

Dr. Rookie’s assertion that my physical aliments are simply mental and emotional ones hurts. Deeply.  At this point, I do not think it is wise to continue being his patient. But what if he changes his mind about me?  What if he changes his mind about PANDAS?  What […]

(12) Doctors and the Medical Establishment

My father is a retired physician.  My mother was a nurse. My grandfather and great-grandfather were physicians.  All were highly skilled and beloved in their communities. My parents, in particular, are some of the most courageous and kind people I know.  Their integrity– personally and professionally– is off […]

(11) Processing, “My Doctor thinks I’m CRAZY”

Maybe the title of this post is unfair and an overstatement.  However, it describes exactly how I felt after an office visit with a neurologist where I described neurological and physical ailments and he prescribed cognitive behavioral therapy*.  My over-arching impression was,  “My doctor does not see me […]