(14) What’s really wrong with me?

Unable to make any headway regarding my PANDAS diagnosis with Dr. Rookie or my primary care physicians, I made an appointment with Super Amy, the clinician who treated my child. I thought I knew what to expect in the visit.  I had gone through the initial intake interview […]

(13) Dr. Rookie, Friend or Foe?

Dr. Rookie’s assertion that my physical aliments are simply mental and emotional ones hurts. Deeply.  At this point, I do not think it is wise to continue being his patient. But what if he changes his mind about me?  What if he changes his mind about PANDAS?  What […]

(12) Doctors and the Medical Establishment

My father is a retired physician.  My mother was a nurse. My grandfather and great-grandfather were physicians.  All were highly skilled and beloved in their communities. My parents, in particular, are some of the most courageous and kind people I know.  Their integrity– personally and professionally– is off […]

(11) Processing, “My Doctor thinks I’m CRAZY”

Maybe the title of this post is unfair and an overstatement.  However, it describes exactly how I felt after an office visit with a neurologist where I described neurological and physical ailments and he prescribed cognitive behavioral therapy*.  My over-arching impression was,  “My doctor does not see me […]

(10) Dr. Rookie, On Tape, Part Three

In the third and last portion of the office visit, Dr. Rookie and I went back and forth for a few minutes about his desire to test my cerebral spinal fluid by doing a lumbar puncture (LP) versus my desire for someone to find out what current, active […]

(8) Dr. Rookie, On Tape, Part One

During my first visit to see Dr. Rookie in late April, his clinic scheduled a follow up visit in August.  In the week leading up to the August appointment, I sent Dr. Rookie a copy of my Cunningham Panel (CP) results, along with other family member’s test results […]

(7) Reaching out to my PCP

I really like my primary care physician (PCP), Dr. Hashi.  I felt like it was important to bring her in the loop about my visit/ subsequent correspondence  with Dr. Rookie about the neurological symptoms I’d suffered after the flu.  I wanted to let her know about the results […]

(6) Deciding to do the Cunningham Panel

The primary symptom of PANDAS is sudden-onset OCD.  I knew that I had baffling episodes of OCD.  Why not see if I had PANDAS?  Maybe I’ve had it for most of my life. As I already knew a fantastic PANDAS clinician, Super Amy,  I decided to pursue finding […]