(5) Why do I share dark journal entries?

The answer is pretty simple to me.  I watched the 20/20 special on PANDAS and Tim Sorel’s excellent documentary on PANDAS, “My Kid is Not Crazy.”  When I saw the children in acute stages of PANDAS  either screaming and yelling– or completely shut down, I recognized that behavior. […]

(4) Dark, dark journal entries

My journal entry in early June begins with the joyful reflections over a family member’s PANDAS recovery.  My health and mental health, however, are not so good. My last few months have been consumed with mental health struggles— that I have had as long as I can remember— […]

(3) Email Exchanges with Dr. Rookie

Early June from Dr. Rookie to me: Dear “Patient”– MRI brain and Cervical spine both look normal, which is good. Your lab work still shows a positive ANA but with a weak titer. I think given that we should try to treat the headache and see if your […]

(2) The MRI / First visit with Dr. Rookie

Two days after seeing a NP at my primary care clinic, I had an MRI.   Fortunately, the results revealed no tumor or stroke as an underlying cause of my woozy-state, right side numbness and tingling.  At this point I was still worrying about my pictures  (see blog […]

(1) The Flu and Aftermath

In March of 2018, the flu took down four of our five family members. I was the last to fall sick.  Because I had “a head’s up” that I was probably going to get sick, I called my primary for a prescription of Tamiflu.   (The first family […]

Introduction : Do I have PANDAS, too?

This blog is primarily about my journey to recover from PANDAS. In doing so, I hope to encourage others in the same fight while advocating for the recognition and treatment of the disease.  But the only reason I found out I have PANDAS is the fact that a […]

What is PANDAS (or PANS) ?

PANDAS (or PANS*) is  autoimmune encephalitis.  An autoimmune disease, in general,  means that the body attacks its own healthy tissues. “Why?” is the million (or billion) dollar question.  PANDAS is particularly brutal because the BRAIN is the organ affected by the autoimmune response.   Because the symptoms  of […]